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We offer many services to keep your vehicle looking beautiful. Call us today at (253) 854-3011 or email us to set up an appointment.

Exterior Detail:

Exterior detailing ranges from maintenance of your car's vibrant appearance to actual paint restoration. The specific process we use depends on the condition of the paint. The services we offer are a gentle hand wash and dry, thorough paint cleaning procedure, bug and tar removal, hand wax application, cleaning and polishing of outside windows, door jambs, wheels, and tires dressed.

Interior Detail:

Interior detailing is the thorough and meticulous cleaning of everything we can get our hands on inside your car. Our interior detail includes a leather/vinyl treatment, carpets vacuumed and shampooed, upholstery vacuumed and shampooed, headliner cleaned, vents dusted, chrome polished, windows washed, doors cleaned and vacuumed, and all the nooks and crannies of the dash, console, and steering wheel cleaned.

Regular Maintenance:

Customers appreciate the convenience of having their vehicle regularly maintained. This weekly, biweekly, or monthly option saves you time and assures that your car’s exterior and interior are being carefully maintained. Included in this service is a hand wash and dry, interior vacuum, windows cleaned and polished, and the dash and console dusted. Give yourself the gift of time and let us keep your car looking its best!

Paint Overspray Removal:

Paint overspray is a light dusting of paint stuck to the paint of a vehicle. Most often wind has carried the paint through the air from a paint job happening near by. It cannot be removed with normal washing. Please do not try to remove the paint overspray yourself! This is a delicate situation and you can easily damage your paint if you don’t know what you’re doing! We’ve seen numerous situations where people have ruined their paint by attempting to remove the paint overspray themselves. At Bright Shine Detail we have years of experience with paint removal and know how to gently do the job right.


There are a variety of variables when determining the price of a detail. We offer a free consultation over the phone and will quote a price range for our basic detailing services. A firm price will be determined upon seeing the car and will be based upon the size and condition of the vehicle.

Price Ranges for *Basic Detailing Services:

  • Complete Detail $225-$350
  • Exterior Detail $150-$250
  • Interior Detail $125-$175

When calling for a free consultation, please provide the following information about your vehicle:

  • year and make
  • size of the vehicle (car, van, SUV, truck)
  • color and condition of the exterior paint (oxidized, scratches, paint over spray, tree sap, etc.)
  • overall condition of the interior
  • Is there anything specifically ‘bothering’ you about your vehicle?

When our experts actually see the vehicle, together with the customer, they can determine a specific detailing plan for your car. A firm price will be quoted after meeting with the customer and seeing the vehicle.

*Other services such as paint overspray removal or cleaning up biohazard situations are Specialty Services that we offer at BSD and are not included in the Basic Detailing prices as listed above.

Call or email us today! We have the time, the expertise, and the tools to do the job right!