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Detailing is the process of a thorough and meticulous cleaning of both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Together with over 25 years of experience and the highest quality products, we offer a number of options to meet each customer's needs for their car. From a complete detail or paint overspray removal, to a regular biweekly maintenance program, our services ensure that you keep your car in the best condition possible so it will serve you for many years to come. We are the cleaning experts and are here to give your car that personal touch.

Exterior detailing ranges from maintaining a clean and shiny appearance to your car's paint to the actual process of paint restoration. The specific process we use depends on the exterior condition of the paint of each individual car. Our exterior detail includes a gentle hand wash and dry, a thorough paint cleaning procedure, hand wax application, outside windows cleaned and polished, door jambs cleaned, wheels cleaned, and tires dressed. Buffing the paint can be done if needed to polish out scratches and remove oxidation.

Interior detailing is the thorough and meticulous cleaning of everything we can get our hands on. A complete hand cleaned interior detail includes seats and carpets vacuumed and shampooed, leather and vinyl cleaned, all chrome polished, windows washed, the dash, console, steering wheel, and doors cleaned.

A full detail package includes both an exterior and interior detail as listed above.

For a full detail, plan on leaving your vehicle for one day. If your choice is either an interior or exterior detail, we would need your vehicle for at least a half a day.

Your vehicle is an important investment. Having your vehicle detailed periodically is just as important as doing regular maintenance under the hood. You want it to last and look it’s best for many years to come. Dirt from the environment and stress from being out in the elements takes a toll on the paint of your vehicle. It's vital to clean the paint and provide protection on a regular basis. We also spend a lot of time in our cars. A clean interior provides you and your family with a much healthier environment as you travel around town.

Having your vehicle detailed prior to selling it often increases its perceived value and allows you to sell the vehicle at a higher price. If you are getting ready to sell your vehicle, save time and sell it for more. Let us do the cleaning for you and synch that sale!

There are a variety of variables when determining the price of a detail. We offer a free consultation over the phone and will quote a price range for our basic detailing services. A firm price will be determined upon seeing the car and will be based upon the size and condition of the vehicle.

Price Ranges for Basic Detailing Services*:

  • Complete Detail - $225-$350
  • Exterior Detail - $150-$250
  • Interior Detail - $125-$175

When calling for a free consultation, please provide the following information about your vehicle:

  • year and make
  • size or model (car, van, SUV, truck)
  • color and condition of the exterior paint(oxidized, scratches, paint overspray, tree sap, etc.)
  • condition of the interior
  • any specific problem areas

When our experts actually see the vehicle, together with the customer, they can determine a specific detailing plan for your car. A firm price will be quoted after meeting with the customer and seeing the vehicle. Call or email us to set up an appointment or drop by for an estimate.

*Other services such as paint overspray removal or cleaning up biohazard situations are specialty services that we offer at BSD and are not included in the basic detailing prices as listed above.

NO, there is no such product out there. You will pay an exorbitant price for a product that does the same job as wax. No product out there will seal and protect your paint for the life of your vehicle.

Yes, we work by appointment at our shop. We focus on each car we service and set aside a block of time to do the job right! Call us at (253)854-3011 Monday – Friday or email us to set up your appointment.

Paint overspray is a light dusting of paint stuck to the paint of a vehicle. Most often wind has carried the paint through the air from a paint job happening near by. It cannot be removed with normal washing. Please do not try to remove the paint overspray yourself! This is a delicate situation! We've seen numerous situations where people have ruined their paint by attempting to remove the paint overspray themselves. At Bright Shine Detail we have years of experience with paint removal and know how to gently do the job. Stop by for a consultation.

Your car should be washed a minimum of every other week, preferable by hand. Make sure you hand dry it with a soft absorbent towel after you've finished. Hose water contains minerals that if not dried off, will dry and leave water spots on the paint of your car. They can be next to impossible to get off once they've dried. Don't wash your car if you're not planning to dry it off. (Note: When washing & drying your car, never rub hard on your paint. You could leave permanent scratches!)

If your paint feels rough even after washing and drying your car, that is because there are invisible particles of dirt and contaminants that are stuck on top of your paint. Over time these microscopic particles of dirt will work themselves into the pours of your car's paint and can do damage known as oxidation, or dullness to your paint. It takes routine maintenance, washing and drying your vehicle, and waxing 1-3 times a year to prevent this from occurring. At Bright Shine Detail one of the processes we use to remove these harmful particles involves a specially designed clay bar designed just to clean automotive paint.

For most cases we recommend a car be fully detailed inside and out at least once a year. You may need to have it waxed more or less often depending on how frequently the car is washed and where it is parked on a day to day basis.

Yes, we do offer a collection of quality car care products for the customer that would like to do the job at home.

Be very leery of those products that claim to wash your car and leave a coating of wax behind. There is no such thing. You are wasting your money and compromising the protection of your vehicle's paint.

At BSD, we are not a fan of using any kind of automated car wash facility and/or the 'do it yourself' kind that have brushes. They will scratch your paint! Taking your car through an automatic car wash is certainly an option, but you're taking a huge risk of getting scratches all over your paint. Through the years, we have had numerous customers show up at our shop to show us the permanent scratches left in their vehicle's paint from using automated car washes. Are you willing to take the chance?