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At Bright Shine Detail we combine years of expertise along with top quality products to bring out the best in your vehicle.

We guarantee that the products we use have been tested and meet our high expectations to shine, enhance, restore, clean, and protect any vehicle.


In our shop we have a variety of premium waxes and polishes to select from depending on the vehicle and the condition of the paint.

One of the newest technologies is a unique product that is easy to use and can be applied without leaving a white residue. It can also be applied to plastic and rubber to enhance the condition and shine. Car care enthusiasts for years have battled keeping wax out of cracks and off the black plastic or rubber trim. We have the answer to this age old problem. It's so easy to use, you'll want to purchase some for yourself and use it on a regular basis.

Clay Bar Treatment

If your car isn't washed on a regular basis, microscopic particles of environmental contaminants land on your paint and can bond to the surface working themselves into the microscopic pours of your paint causing damage. We use a special procedure with detailing clay that removes most of these contaminants leaving your paint clean and smooth, ready for the next step... polishing and/or waxing. Call anytime to schedule an appointment to discuss the condition of your car's paint.

Paint Sealants

Paint sealants are advertized as a product that will seal your paint and you won't have to wax it again. BEWARE! THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Don't believe in such hype and false promises. Every car needs ongoing maintenance to keep its paint in the best condition. There is no such product on the market that will last 6 months, a year, or a lifetime. New car dealers are notorious for selling these products. In over 30 years of car care we have not found anything that could come close to fulfilling this promise.

Leather & Plastic Cleaner

We use a strong, concentrated, water-based product. It effectively cleans and removes heavily soiled areas on leather and plastic surfaces. It protects and restores your car's interior leaving it clean and beautiful. This product can also be used on rubber and vinyl surfaces.

Removal of Bird Droppings, Sap and Bugs

Each of these can leave a permanent mark on your paint after only hours, so the important thing is to get it off your paint immediately. To remove bird droppings, flood the surface with lots of water and a thick solution of car wash soap. Bird droppings can contain grit, and if you rub too hard it can leave scratches in the paint. There are different types of tree sap and each can involve a different technique for removal—professional cleaning is recommended. Bugs are like little acid bodies. They are not quite as damage inducing as tree sap or bird droppings, but they can leave permanent marks if not removed soon. We use specialized products to remove these irritants without causing damage to your paint.

Call or email us today! We have the time, the expertise, and the tools to do the job right!